LATEST GRAB | Immersive studio, published on 6 februari 2020

In collaboration with The Ark & PwC, we’ve created an interactive VR experience to make employees and partners of PWC grasp the urgency of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and PWC’s sustainability mission. The dome experience provides an almost real-life experience of what we can do to make our world more sustainable and to reach the Global Goals by (or before) 2030.  

The goal of the dome is to show how beautifully technology works to solve sustainability problems like the ones our planet experiences. Technology can offer solutions to major global problems.

The SDG Dome is a domed space that accommodates eight people with a 360° panoramic image of the world displayed on its screen walls, visitors wearing VR glasses are taken on a journey. The virtual journey sweeps visitors along the consequences of our actions on the planet, ranging from the destruction of the rainforest, pollution of drinking water to the production of cheap goods in sweatshops.

After the virtual journey ends, the visitors are invited to play a game encouraging them to find ways to solve the UN’s world goals as quickly as they can. Who knows what problems the world faces? Who knows what technology can be deployed to resolve these issues? Wineke Haagsma: "We are really hoping to affect people, and virtual reality is a great way of doing just that. This way of using virtual reality leaves people feeling positive about what they can do to help bring about solutions to problems."

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