Rooftop receives great publicity at Cannes Film Festival 2018

LATEST GRAB | Immersive studio, published on 16 mei 2018

What a launch!

We're so grateful for all the publicity we received at the Cannes Film Festival 2018. After we let loose the news about our redesign and the launch of our two new subsidiaries, Rooftop Immersive Studio and Rooftop Film & TV, our momentum was high as one item after the other appeared in prominent media outlets that chronicle at Cannes and Hollywood alike. 

The press also unanimously adopted the news about our involvement in The Ark Experience, and for good reason. If you hadn't yet heard about this awesome VR spectacle, check out the trailer on our homepage or head over to

For those who missed it, we appeared in: Cannes Market News, The Official Market Dailies, Worldscreen, Realscreen, and C21

Many thanks for all the great feedback and response, we'll keep you posted.

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