Rooftop launches Immersive Studio

LATEST GRAB | Immersive studio, published on 2 mei 2018

After 4 years of successfully distributing high-quality content for major "traditional media" clients and partners worldwide, we are very excited for the launch of our immersive hub. All previous activities within Rooftop Content Group will move to our hub Rooftop Film & TV, while Rooftop Immersive Studio will be creating, producing AND distributing engaging VR, AR, XR and 360 video for major clients and partners worldwide. Both hubs will work hand in hand to deliver the best Intellectual Properties. Sometimes it might be wise to do a 2D production, sometimes VR is the key, or ideally both, but we will evaluate each project individually to offer strategic, tailored solutions.

Rooftop Immersive Studio is already in final stages of negotiation with various mobile operators, cable providers and OTT channels, aggregating the best VR experiences out there. 

Furthermore, we strongly believe in making immersive experiences, collective experiences. Therefore we are focussing on various high level 360 productions, which we will install and showcase in spectacular projection domes. We cannot elaborate too much yet, but all we can say is that we have some exciting concepts, with A-talent attached, launching asap. 

Our Business Lines are:

  1. Real Scale Immersive Cinema: the VR Dome 

  2. Production & Distribution of Immersive Concepts 

  3. VR as 2nd screen & VR Live Registration

That's all for now, but please stay tuned, because we will have some big news coming up soon!

Best regards,
The Rooftop Team

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