Discovery stirs up Great Arab Revolt

PRESS RELEASE | Film & TV, published on 30 maart 2018

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific (DNAP) has acquired a historical docudrama series about the Arab revolt against the Ottomans.

DNAP will air The Great Arab Revolt (3×48’/1×105′) in Central and South Asia, excluding China and Japan, following the deal with distributor Rooftop Content Group.

Produced in Jordan by Spica Media Production, the programme is directed by Aseel Mansour and Roland May.

Last year marked 100 years since the beginning of the revolt, which saw Sharif Hussein bin Ali declare war on the Ottoman Empire, which was then in control of the Middle East.

“Directors Aseel Mansour and Roland May have delivered a real piece of art with the combination of re-enactments and archive footage,” said Jordi van Even, MD of Amsterdam-based Rooftop Content Group.

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