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NEWS: Rooftop, Totem Media and PRØHBTD Team on Cannabis Cooking Show ‘High Cuisine’

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One vision, two divisions

The way people consume entertainment is changing fast, though good stories, content and execution will always stay essential. We bundle technology, network, talent and vision, to make sure we stay on top of it. Want to see more? Visit one of our specialty websites.

Film & TV

Creator, producer and distributor of traditional media content, like feature films, documentaries and TV series, for major clients and partners worldwide.

Immersive Studio

Creator, producer and distributor of immersive concepts like AR, MR, VR, 360 video mapping, location-based experiences, as well as interactive formats, for major clients and partners worldwide.

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New Releases

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The Rooftop team

Rooftop Content Group brings together several distribution companies, technical video eco-systems, production companies and their professionals. Rooftop combines distribution and content aggregation with production, ensuring optimal control over quality content.

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We approached Rooftop Content Group to build on our e-learning about sustainability by creating a unique VR experience. We were more than content about the SDG Dome that they created. Our continuous extension and re-investment into the experience proofs Rooftop’s value
Wineke Haagsma


For selected groups or large audiences, we’ll take care of the reach. All the way. From conception to production, to distribution and exhibition.